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tenants - 500 leases

About the company

We are a team of experts with 16 years of experience in the real estate industry and excellent knowledge of the financial market.

The company’s activities include commercialization, construction and modernization of facilities, as well as real estate sales. Our competence is confirmed by concrete numbers. We currently manage nearly 70,000 m2 and work with 200 tenants.

We have implemented projects in 31 locations across the country. We have Polish capital. Our approach to investing is unique and provides an attractive alternative to investing in the stock market. We remain open to new challenges. We invite business partners who would like to cooperate with us to contact us.

Investments under construction

Our investment portfolio is constantly growing. Several hundred apartments are currently under construction, with a total area of 58,600 m2.

The area of the service units under construction is 12,610 m2,
and storage spaces – as much as 68,350 m2,
Which brings the total in implementation to approx. 139.560 m2.

Completed projects

To date, we have finalized projects in 31 locations across Poland.

Our realizations amount to as much as 67,852 m2,
including but not limited to: 27,320 m2 of service area
And 40,532 m2 of warehouses.

We are looking for property

We are constantly on the lookout for new, attractive properties: equal plots of land, townhouses, warehouses and other facilities.

We also invite people who want to invest in this industry to contact us. Investment in commercial real estate is one of the most stable forms of capital multiplication.


The main focus of our business is the comprehensive management of commercial real estate and the conduct of related investments.

We make sure that every process of commercialization, modernization, or sale of a facility is carried out efficiently and in accordance with regulations. We prepare transactions for the lease, purchase and sale of office, warehouse and retail space.

Our recipe for a sure return on investment is a perfectly developed strategy for commercializing the property.

We prepare it at the very beginning, with the goal of maximizing the value of the object. We work with reliable tenants with whom we have long-term contracts. The result is an ideal investment product that generates a stable return.

Before embarking on a new investment, we analyze its potential in detail and study the needs of the local market.

In this way, we nullify any risk by opting only for transactions with a real rate of return. At the initial stage, we select tenants in the right way, which allows us to make a profit in a short time and increase the value of the facility.

To actively invest in 2015, we established the Howell Closed-End Investment Fund.

We benefit from several years of experience. We operate throughout the country, strengthening our position in the market with each passing year and earning the name of a reliable business partner.

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